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Ahh-Venue was established in 2014 by Fenwick Mills.  This three-storey building is located at #29 Church Street, St James.

However, while the building has three floors, only the second and third floors are designed to host weddings, private parties, dinners and corporate events.  The second floor can accommodate approximately 150 people, while the third floor can hold about 250 people.  The third floor is equivalent to a roof top patio and has a city harbour view, while the second floor is quite spacious and comfortable with sufficient space for seating, bar and food areas. 

Described as a place with a space for events, Ahh-Venue is surrounded by notable history namely the birth of rapper and singer Nicki Minaj who was born in St. James.  Moreover, literary giant Sir Vidia Naipaul grew up in St James.  He won the Nobel Prize.  Also, a large percentage of the St James community has its roots in India.

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Ahh-Venue is also surrounded by entertainment, sports, shopping, favorite eating places, banking, academic institutions, public places like the library which is a stone's throw away from the venue.

Ahh-Venue also has parking facilities which can accommodate approximately 25 vehicles.  Getting to the parking area is quite easy.  Simply go to the corner of Brunton and Quamina Streets in St James.  Access is via the Western  Main Road (if heading west) by turning right at Red Edge Mall on Mooneram Street and then make a left turn at the second street on the left (Quamina Street).  The parking facility is on the left, just after the first cross street.  On exiting the parking facility, make a left turn, then a right turn onto Church Street where a brief walk will take you to Ahh-Venue.

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