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Making Dreams Come True With The Ahh Feeling

When Fenwick Mills decided to form Ahh-venue five years ago in 2014, his initial thoughts were to lease the facility; however, those foremost ideas soon vanished and he opted instead to utilize the building to conduct business for himself.  

As director of this company, Fenwick now realises that his afterthoughts proved to be a major success for him since his primary focus became one where he simply wanted to give clients the "Ahh" experience.  He has achieved his chief goal; however, Fenwick refuses to become complacent in his pursuits.

He notes, "based on our testimonials, the Ahh feeling has largely been achieved and this drives us to do more for our customers and we will continue to be innovative in our thinking to please our clients".

Ahh-Venue is also strong on customer service.  "We work really hard at this and we are a high-value option.  While our prices are perhaps the lowest on the market, it is definitely not reflected in the services we provide.  Our venue is also safe and secure", Fenwick reassures.

Fenwick is the holder of an MBA (Finance) from the University of Lincolnshire and a BSC in Business Management from the University of the West Indies.  Moreover, he has 35 years of varied business experience mainly at senior  management and executive levels at local companies.

Fenwick Mills, Director, Ahh-Venue Events Limited


Turning Your Vision into Reality

Maria Mills-McKain, creative designer for Ahh-Venue Events Limited, has a passion for making a bride and groom's vision a reality.  Her services range from centerpieces/arrangements to backdrop drapings, table settings and dessert tables.

Also the owner of Triple M Creations, Maria's  artistic passion for design is a true reflection of her personality, and over the past 5 years, she has designed Weddings, Birthday Parties, Christmas Dinners and Social Events for several clients, most of most have described the events as memorable experiences.  


Quite miraculously, Maria's love for design started by decorating her own home.  This would later evolve to her lending a helping hand to young brides who were members of her church.


  "The excitement of being part of the process of making a bride and groom turn their most memorable day into a reality has propelled me to this career.  It is something I enjoy and will continue to give my best", Maria remarks.

Maria Mills-McKain
Creative Designer - Ahh-Venue Events Limited

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Ahh-Venue is delighted to present our chef, Giselle Mills.  This young and talented lady nurtured her skills as a chef from an early age in her grandmother's kitchen.  A perfectionist on every detail, Giselle subsequently developed a keen interest in the profession and so, she began her formal training on local soil at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute.

This initial training at the TTHI encouraged Giselle to continue her learning during which time she acquired an Associate and a Bachelor’s Degree from Johnson & Wales, in Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management.

At Johnson & Wales, Giselle played an active part in their Special Functions Team and Florence University of the Arts Tutto Toscana in 2014, a program which entails working in NYC under the supervision of Chefs Andrea Trapani and Simone De Castro for various events, including the James Beard Foundation – Apicius 10th Anniversary Dinner and Alumni Dinner.

Giselle did not stop here.  She took on a stint in Europe which led her to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Patisserie in Yssingeaux France, where she obtained her Certificate in French Chocolate and Confectionary Arts.  Giselle then honed her tactical skills with Internships and stints at le Clos de Sens in Annecy-le- Vieux, France , The Fedora Bakery in Firenze Italy, and Chaud Cafe in Trinidad.

Ahh-Venue is indeed happy to have Giselle as part of our team. 

Giselle Mills
Chef - Ahh-Venue Events Limited
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